Signed up with service from Titan, had multiple problems with the system. They were very good about replacing it and other components that were faulty, unfortunately we still have experiences with the system randomly beeping for no reason.

Biggest issue we currently have is the billing. Our contract states that our service is $49.95/mo on a 36 month contract, but 4 months in we start receiving bills for $52.95. I reread the contract and low and behold the fine print does in fact state that they can raise the fee up to 5%/year. I know it's our fault for not reading carefully, but still I think that a huge crock for our bill to jump after just 4 months! I can only imagine that their intent is to raise it the full 5% every year.

Other problems we had were receiving the incorrect cameras with our original order (regular instead of the night-visions we were promised).

Final issue is that their customer service is only open during regular working hours (m-f from like 9-4), which makes it difficult for people who can use a phone on the job to call in and get appropriate assistance

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #994632

We monitor all occupants in AZ dta secure one is the best unless you want crip and bloods in your home there good at disgui zing themselves.

Elgin, Texas, United States #672862

I have had service with several companies like this and I tell you any company that will take responsibility and replace a product the moment you tell them there is a problem is awesome.Most companies will charge and charge and charge.

When it comes to expensive things like cameras they say that those are to order so it is more likely that you didn't order what you later wanted, also I didn't see in your statement that they quoted an additional charge. I would assume that a camera with night vision would typically cost more than a camera without night vision.

Maybe I am just in a bad place with the security company I have now but I would have to say that I would much rather have a company that will do something.Specially quickly.

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